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ICAT has new custom-designed software system

Friday, January 18, 2013

   The agency-based freight forwarder ICAT Logistics on Thursday released a new, customized software product called CATS 2.0 for its network.
   Developed by CSA Software, CATS 2.0 is aimed at providing ICAT’s internal team and network of agency partners with a system that will enable ICAT’s growth, increase its use through remote access availability, and increase lead generation.
   “The increased accessibility options and user-friendly functionalities will allow our teams and agency partners to derive even greater efficiency and value from their work, and we look forward to the significant positive impacts this robust new platform will bring for ICAT’s continued growth and success in 2013,” said ICAT’s President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Campbell, in a statement.
   ICAT have been members of Security Cargo Network since 2002, the year the global network of international freight forwarders was formed.