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India to begin enforcing ISPM-15

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In India the phyto-sanitary requirement has been in existence for quite sometime, but it was not being strictly followed. We are enclosing herewith Circular No.14/2009 dated 6th May,2009 issued by CBEC. It appears that now the governmentt is serious about implementing it.
Implication for Exporters: As an exporter, please take the necessary action and make sure that your wooden packaging meets the phyto-sanitary requirement. Otherwise customs may refer the matter to plant quarantine, which will result in additional cost & time. For a list of countries which require ISPM-15, please see attached file.
Implication for Importers: All importers are also requested to spread this message to their suppliers. Any consignment arriving in India without proper fumigation will be fumigated on arrival. It will result into demurrage and delay in clearance.