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International Shippers: Beware of Fraudulent Companies

Monday, October 13, 2008

In recent weeks, we have become aware of a company that is using an abbreviated name of our network on counterfeit airway bills to sell shipping and forwarding services to unsuspecting shippers of personal goods and household effects.  They even refer to the Security Cargo Network website in their email exchanges with the unsuspecting customers, although they always write it in such a way that an automatic hyperlink is not created.

This criminal enterprise appears to be operating out of Malaysia and the United Kingdom, and one email address suggests they may also have a component in India.  They go by the name SCN with a region such as Asia attached and suggest that they are a division of our network. 

Consumers should be aware that Security Cargo Network is composed of many individual companies and does not itself offer freight forwarding or transportation services.  By agreement, we have allowed one forwarding company in Thailand to license itself as SCN Logistics, but there is no other company in the world operating legitimately with any suggested ties to Security Cargo Network in its name.

This is only one example of the types of fraud that unfortunately exist today.  We are aware of another company who calls itself ING Worldwide Courier and purports to offer automotive vehicle shipping internationally while merely accepting money and not performing services.  They falsely list themselves as members of our group and others (including IATA) at their website.  They are not members and actually maintain no known location, nor do they ever present a live person at any of their telephone numbers. 

If anyone reading this ever has any doubt about the status and reliability of a company representing itself as a member of our freight forwarder network, I urge them to write or call me per the contact information given here in our site.  I will be glad to give a frank and honest assessment of the concern in question.

Dave Lucia, president

Security Cargo Network, Inc.