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Rotra first in Europe to use ethanol-fueled truck

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

   The Hague –July: Minister Cramer (Department of VROM) has taken in use the first truck on ethyl alcohol (ethanol) in Europe; done by handing over symbolically a green jerry can filled with ethanol to Rotra Forwarding.  

   This engine of Scania produces up to 90 percent less CO2 than a regular diesel engine. The truck meets the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) requirements and offers Rotra all possibilities within the current and future regulations.

   The EEV demands the strictest possible requirements to vehicles in the Netherlands. The wide experience with test vehicles fuelled by ethanol enabled Scania to optimise the engine entirely. In order to meet the needs of this new system Rotra will use its own ethanol gas-station at its terminal in Doesburg.  The ethanol is produced from sustainable materials and doesn’t affect the world’s food-production or supply.

   With this new freight truck Rotra emphasizes once again its environmental friendly policy. The new truck does not only contain the cleanest available accessories of this moment, but with ethanol also a renewable fuel. Development of innovative transport solutions which serve the environment and internal and external social aspects has high priority for Rotra. Rotra uses its key position to translate sustainability in day-to-day actions, including use of other trucks equipped with Euro 5 engines and the development of its own container terminal.