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Electronic filing now required for air imports to New Delhi, India

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Government of India has made mandatory the implementation of EDI for Import Cargo operations at the cargo terminal at New Delhi effective from 1st of July, 2008.
The salient features are as follows:
1)  Filing of Import General Manifest (IGM) electronically, without which cargo will be segregated and there would be a penalty levied on consol agents for such discrepancies and for late filing  of the IGM.  The penalties could range from a minimum of USD 50 up to USD 100 per HAWB.  Hence partners are requested to ensure receipt of pre-alerts much in advance before arrival of the carrier. 
 2)  It was also decided that Bar Code integration would be made mandatory for imports at Delhi from 1st July, 2008.  In this regard airlines will ensure that all import cargo is brought and handed over to Delhi Airport Authority duly labeled with Bar Code labels (IATA 606 standard) affixed on all packages.  
All are requested to kindly ensure same is done while handing over cargo to the carrier at port of origin to avoid any discrepancy and penalties.

Submitted by Mr. Anand Didwania, New Globe Logistik (India)