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Security Cargo Network Membership Benefits

Why Join Security Cargo Network?

More and more, independent freight forwarders are finding that it is difficult to “go it alone” in today’s industry wherein they must compete with the multinationals and their many offices around the world. While the independent forwarder can excel because of hands-on executive management and knowledge of his particular market, he often lacks familiarity with a trustworthy or productive agent on the other side of the transaction, especially in markets he has not served before. A good network provides the basis from which to build strong working relationships where they are required.

Belonging to Security Cargo Network provides:

  • Increased exposure resulting in an increase in sales volume

  • A trustworthy source that has been pre-screened and is backed by our Terms of Cooperation as well as the SecurityPlus! Member-to-Member Payment Guarantee Program

  • Enhanced customer confidence in the member company’s ability to handle their requirements. 

  • Media Exposure via Security Cargo Network advertisements, press releases and website

  • A communication network keeping members up to date with everything from regulations and important industry news to a change of contact information or special holiday hours of operation

In summary, the bottom-line benefit of membership in Security Cargo Network is increased sales through a network of pre-screened and trusted agents backed by neutral network oversight and problem resolution, our Terms of Cooperation, and the SecurityPlus! Member-to-Member Payment Guarantee Program.

Membership Benefits at a Glance

  1. Increased sales through the network

  2. Increased security in dealing with other member agents

  3. SecurityPlus! Member-to-Member Payment Guarantee Program

  4. Annual International Meeting with plenty of time for one-on-one conferences among members

  5. Ongoing marketing and public relations campaign to promote awareness of the group among shippers and vendors for the enhanced credibility of members

  6. Access to members' discount contract rates with carriers

  7. Regular communications among members regarding rates, new BAF and FSC, holiday hours of operation, updated membership roster, etc.

  8. Your company profile, personnel and links listed on our website (  

  9. Prompt resolution of any problems between member companies and enforcement of agreed-upon terms of cooperation

  10. Well-qualified referrals available in markets not presently represented due to administrator's extensive contacts with other companies and groups

  11. Full-time, neutral non-forwarder network administration to take care of member inquiries needs and interests without delay

  12. Discounted rates on cargo insurance

  13. Other volume discount programs are available