International Freight Forwarder Association

Security Cargo Network Membership Structure

A Structure that Works for All Members

Security Cargo Network is structured as a non-exclusive network, which means that it has multiple members in the same markets—the goal is to have two in most markets to a maximum of five in the largest. The founder of SCN has discovered that this structure works best for all members for the following reasons:

  1. A member is not asked to give up long-standing agency relationships in order to enroll

  2. Multiple members mean that each company has a much better chance of finding a compatible company to work with in the group

  3. Members will develop exclusive agency agreements with other members (or non-member companies), but by having multiple members you will still have numerous companies to work with in that market

  4. Experience has shown that multiple members generate more business for the group as a whole; and given the substantial number of members, everyone benefits.

  5. Multiple memberships mean that SCN can charge far less for enrollment than exclusive networks.

A further important point about the structure of Security Cargo Network is that its ownership is not involved in freight forwarding and therefore can be totally neutral in its dealings with members. There is no particular self interest to be served beyond the success of the group.