International Freight Forwarder Association

Security Cargo Network Member Program

A Truly Comprehensive Program

  1. SecurityPlus! Program: A portion of the annual fees is set aside to build a fund pool covers individual members from $20,000 to $50,000 based on length of membership in the case of bankruptcy or default of another SCN member company. The SecurityPlus! fund is owned, administered and controlled by an SCN member-owned company, SecurityPlus Financial Corp. All SCN members are granted one share of stock in this corporation, which is overseen by a volunteer board of directors comprised of member-owners.

  2. SCN Technical Industry Advisory Panel (TIAP): TIAP is comprised of select SCN members representing the trading regions of the world. Its’ function is to provide answers to technical questions members may have, assist in dispute resolution when called upon, and otherwise represent the greater interests of all members of Security Cargo Network. Members of TIAP serve in a volunteer capacity. Request Copy (link)

  3. SCN Terms of Member-to-Member Cooperation: Serving as the group’s code of ethics, this document must be signed by all members and it will be the determining basis in dispute resolution and member discipline or termination in extreme cases.

  4. Annual Membership Meeting: An annual membership meeting is held for the purpose of bringing members together to discuss current programs and to participate in the all-important one-on-one meetings with other member companies. The international meetings are believed to be one of the primary benefits of membership in Security Cargo Network. They are held in rotation in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

  5. Membership Roster and Website Listing: Members of Security Cargo Network are listed in a roster that is updated as often as necessary and sent to all members on a frequent basis. This roster contains a brief profile of all member companies as well as complete contact information. The SCN website also contains a listing of members for the use of the shipping public and each other. Separate pages for each member office contain the profile and contact information from the roster, as well as links to the member’s e-mail addresses and website. We should update.

  6. Group Interaction Monitoring: SCN President Dave Lucia spends the majority of his time monitoring communications between members and assisting in problem resolution whenever called upon to do so. Members who wish to made Dave Lucia aware of a situation that may need monitoring is welcome to copy him in on email messages or faxes. By doing this, he can ensure good member relations are maintained.

  7. Group Communications with Membership: Through a group e-mail server, circular messages are sent to all members on a frequent basis to communicate new developments for a particular company, member needs in a specific market not represented, problems with communications systems, new transportation regulations or surcharges, personnel changes, and holiday hours of operation. With one message sent to SCN administration, a member can communicate with the entire group.

  8. Preferred Provider Programs with Volume Discounts: Security Cargo Network has several preferred providers offering services ranging from cargo insurance, charters, collection services, and information technology. Each offers special benefits to SCN members such as reduced price or preferential treatment.