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Hevile Logística e Consultoria Internacional Ltda.

Hevile concluded on February 10th the operation of loading a shipment of high complexity from Korea to Brazil. It is a deckhouse weighing 833 tons and measuring 27x44x28 m.

Hevile Team
Hevile started to work on this job almost 1 year ago when the customer's bidding process was initiated. In dispute with major players in the market, Hevile was the great winner of the contract because it presented the best commercial and technical proposal. The technical scope involved engineering calculations for studies on lifting and lashing cargo on barge and on the mother ship for Suape. The great challenge for this shipment was to be able to reconcile factors that seemed to impede the execution of the same:
- Limitations of the supplier in terms of loading possibilities, without proper cranes and limited space on its wharf for mooring larger ships and floating cranes;
- Limitations in the cnee where the quay limits the vessels LOA to 120 m;

At the end of all the planning, that contemplates 4 similar operations in 2018, the shipment was made feasible as follows:
1- Use of multi-wheelers for loading on the barge in Ulsan;
2- Transportation on barge from Ulsan to the port of Masan;
3- Use of floating crane with capacity of 1200 t for lifting the piece from the barge to the main ship in Masan;
4- Cargo welding/lashing  and departure from Masan to Suape by means of 119 m LOA vessel
It is also noteworthy that in addition to the deckhouse on deck, the holds of the ship were stowed with other cargoes originating Shanghai, Qingdao and also Masan including a motor weighing 400 t., the vessel  was fully dedicated/chartered with Hevile´s cargoes from Far East to Brazil.

Hevile would like to thank the client for the trust deposited, thanks his technical and commercial team for its dedication to make it happen and thanks the various partners (agent, port, stevedoring and lashing/welding  operators, , shipowner, etc.) involved in the design and execution of this beautiful project.

The next shipment is scheduled for May and the fellow agents interested in take advantage to the same voyage kindly contact us at