International Freight Forwarder Association

Apply for Membership to Security Cargo Network

The annual cost of enrollment in Security Cargo Network is just US$2500 per location enrolled plus $500 per company to fund the SecurityPlus! member-to-member payment guarantee program.  Discounts will be extended for enrolling multiple offices, and all enrollment costs except the SecurityPlus! fees are negotiable for companies operating in developing markets.

Please submit the following application for enrollment in Security Cargo Network completed to the best of your ability. You are strongly encouraged to also submit via e-mail any additional information that will help us to better understand your company. If you have any questions, please write to David Cook at

Confidential Application for Membership

Company Name:
Main Office Address:
Key Contact: Position:
Telephone: Fax: After Hours:
e-mail: Web site:
Additional Locations/Branch Offices:
(If you wish to enroll these offices, please supply all contact information as requested for the main office. All offices must pay annual fees in order to be listed as members of SCN in our roster and on our web site.)
Year business was started: Number of Employees:

Services: Licenses/Certifications/Memberships
Customs Brokerage % of volume: Customs Broker:
Import Air Forwarder % of volume: NVOCC:
Export Air Forwarder % of volume: FMC (U.S. Only):
Import Ocean Forwarder % of volume: ISO 9001/9002:
Export Ocean Forwarder % of volume: FIATA:

Please describe your company's strengths, experience, services and major traffic lanes or markets:

Company Ownership

Please list the individuals, entities, or other ownership structure of your company.
Name: Percent Owned:
Name: Percent Owned:
Name: Percent Owned:

Capitalization: (Specify Currency)

(If Public) Stock Exchange: Shares Outstanding: Price:


Please list any trade associations and/or other private networks to which you belong.

Banking Information

Bank Name: Phone:
Address: Fax:
Account Number: Routing:
Bank Credit Rating: Source:
Your Banker or Reference: e-mail:

Trade or Industry References (Vendors and/or other agents with whom you have established credit)

1. Company Name:
Type of Business: Contact:
Fax: e-mail:
2. Company Name:
Type of Business: Contact:
Fax: e-mail:
3. Company Name:
Type of Business: Contact:
Fax: e-mail:
Does your company maintain a
Freight Services Liability policy?
For the purposes of compiling for publication the combined total turnover of the group, please inform us of your annual revenues from freight forwarding activities. Your figures will be held in strict confidence.
Airfreight: US $ Ocean Freight: US$
Domestic Hauling: US$ Warehousing: US$